Shortest Flight In The World

img_5623 Shortest Flight In The WorldYes, that’s me getting ready to hop on the “Shortest Flight In The World”. Authenticated by Guinness World Records. The popular trip from Westray to Papa Westray, Scotland is a 2 minute flight. Hard to believe until I stepped onto the plane, took off and then landed on the next island.  There’s even an official certificate to verify my trip. The short event was smile worthy especially when the pilot looked over his shoulder, displayed the pocket card and explained the emergency procedure right from his seat. The plane then took off for the second part of the journey, a 14 minute flight to Kirkwall.  Eight passengers aboard, we flew over the beautiful Orkney Islands. It was a fun trip as I headed to the Bible Festival in Kirkwall. img_5623 Shortest Flight In The World

The festival is a weekend long event.  The churches in Orkney gather together, regardless of denomination and share a weekend together. The speaker was Karl Martin from Central Church in Edinburgh. He is passionate about Christ and his message centered around making disciples.

A great evening blessed with joy and joyful people.
I am finishing preparations for the Sunday morning message.  Matthew 18:15-20. Here’s a question.  What shifts us from conflict to care?  It has everything to do with our faith, our relationships and our conversations!

img_5623 Shortest Flight In The Worldimg_5623 Shortest Flight In The World img_5623 Shortest Flight In The World img_5623 Shortest Flight In The World


A few photos from my walk to the store this morning. Enjoy the weekend. Please continue to pray.  God will…..Awaken Our Hearts!


Published by Dr. Daynette Snead Perez

Rev. Daynette Snead lives in Eastern North Carolina, believes "Reaching across ethnic, generational and gender boundaries is an intentional ministry to be pursued with our hearts," and serves as the Associate Pastor of First Chin Baptist Church, a Burmese Refugee Community. She is a Licensed Christian Coach helping leadership and congregations embrace and move towards cross-cultural ministry. Daynette is a 2019 Doctor of Ministry cohort at Gardner-Webb University.

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