Gospel Jazz – Now Is The Time To Worship

gospel-jazz-event-2014-1 Gospel Jazz - Now Is The Time To Worship

Join us at Ghostwalk for the Gospel Jazz Event at First Baptist Church – New Bern @ 8:00 tonight. Last night was SPIRIT FILLED! Make plans to experience Jazz and Worship in a whole new way.

Published by Dr. Daynette Snead Perez

Rev. Daynette Snead lives in Eastern North Carolina, believes "Reaching across ethnic, generational and gender boundaries is an intentional ministry to be pursued with our hearts," and serves as the Associate Pastor of First Chin Baptist Church, a Burmese Refugee Community. She is a Licensed Christian Coach helping leadership and congregations embrace and move towards cross-cultural ministry. Daynette is a 2019 Doctor of Ministry cohort at Gardner-Webb University.

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