Pentecost, Church Diversity, and You

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gift-1420830_1920 Pentecost, Church Diversity, and You

Intercultural ministry, diversity and inclusion, and oneness in the Body of Christ is the calling that stands in my heart.  On Pentecost Sunday, we celebrated the gift of the Holy Spirit to a diverse church.  For me, it is the right time to ask each of us to commit to learning more about church diversity and inclusion and reaching our communities for Christ.

So I have a question for you.  Do the following questions make you uncomfortable?  Are you willing to find out more so that your church can reach more disciples for Christ? Ready, set, go!

gift-1420830_1920 Pentecost, Church Diversity, and YouWhat are the differences between ethnicity and race?

Where do you experience privilege in your church?

How do you see America?  Is it a melting pot, a tapestry or something else?

What culture-specific approaches are evident in your weekly worship?

When you hear the phrase “people of color” what do you imagine?

When was the last time you considered the economic divide, it’s impact on you and those in your congregation?

What do you perceive are the differences between those in your congregation who are in poverty, middle class, or wealthy?

When you see a child of unrecognizable ethnicity, what are you first thoughts?

Navigating the world color blind or color conscious.  Which is more authentic?

What does ethnicity, race, and national origin have in common?

These are important questions for the Body of Christ.  If you are curious and want to learn more, reach out to us.   Are you prepared to serve the changing demographics of your community?

Celebrate the gift of the Spirit!  Celebrate the gift of a God who reaches us all!

Awaken Our Hearts!

gift-1420830_1920 Pentecost, Church Diversity, and YouDaynette Snead, is Founder and Principle Coach of DIASPRA, and Associate Pastor of First Chin Baptist Church, a Burmese refugee congregation in Eastern North Carolina.  As a Licensed Lifeforming Diversity Coach, she coaches congregations and church leadership towards intercultural ministry.  Daynette is a Doctor of Ministry cohort at Gardner-Webb University and can be reached at:


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