Love Will Change Your Life

casstle Love Will Change Your LifeThe world witnessed the power of love and a real time example of how love crosses boundaries and moves us to acknowledge and embrace our differences.  The royal wedding offered an opportunity to experience intercultural worship.  It was a teachable moment to shift our personal lives and church communities from cultural exclusion to inclusion.

If you woke up early to witness the event, hear the music, the preacher, the vows, and intentional moments throughout the service, did you have a personal experience?  Was there something about this celebration to challenge your beliefs about ethnicity and community?  If so, what was it?  Specifically, what aspect of this celebration caused you to think about your own life, your relationships, or the celebrations of worship in your church community? Are you living a life of inclusion?

Anytime we feel challenged, there are two possible reactions.  We can respond or not.  We can continue to dig into the challenge or we can walk away.  In the book of Esther, a young woman was challenged in her identity behind the palace walls. Her cousin Moredecai, pleads for her to take action and speak out to save the people of her birth.  Esther denied his request. She did not believe she had the power to change the tragic law imposing death to her people. Mordecai did not give up and continues his plea. Esther awakens to both her identity and comfort hidden behind the palace walls and confronts the challenge to change the lives of many.

This story reminds me how easy it is to shield ourselves behind cultural walls of identity. The new princess created pathways of inclusion during her wedding celebration.  Regardless of our identity, we too can learn lessons of love from Esther and Meghan.

  • Become active to dissolve walls of exclusion and racism.  
  • Embrace opportunities for relationships across cultural boundaries.  
  • Interrupt your comfort.  Engage in real conversations, dialogue, and action. 
  • Reconsider your definition of community in your personal life and in your church.  What does it really mean?  Who does it really include?
  • Everyone has privilege and everyone has influence.  Challenge yourself to recognize yours. 

When we hold tightly to loving only those who share our culture, we miss God’s image in ourselves and in others. For a time such as this, simply follow the ministry of Christ with actions of Love.  It will change your life.

Published by Dr. Daynette Snead Perez

Rev. Daynette Snead lives in Eastern North Carolina, believes "Reaching across ethnic, generational and gender boundaries is an intentional ministry to be pursued with our hearts," and serves as the Associate Pastor of First Chin Baptist Church, a Burmese Refugee Community. She is a Licensed Christian Coach helping leadership and congregations embrace and move towards cross-cultural ministry. Daynette is a 2019 Doctor of Ministry cohort at Gardner-Webb University.

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