No Room in New Bern

 As part of our Christmas events, each year the children of our church participate in La Posadas, a nine day Spanish tradition and celebration of Mary’s nine months of carrying the baby Jesus. The children follow Mary and Joseph door to door, asking for room to stay for the evening. As one of the homesContinue reading “No Room in New Bern”

The Word, Tea and Butterflies

My favorite bible verse is Psalm 90:17 (CEB)  “Let the kindness of the Lord our God be over us. Make the work of our hands last. Make the work of our hands last!”  The women of Westray have allowed me to sit more closely at the feet of Jesus.  Between the study of ancient biblicalContinue reading “The Word, Tea and Butterflies”

A Love Story

Psalm 103 is a beautiful ancient poem, worship at its best and a love story about God and His people.  I hope to attach Sunday’s message with this, but for right now, enjoy the words of the psalmist from the exodus generation against the backdrop of these beautiful children.   There is a message hereContinue reading “A Love Story”

Signs In Our Times

Visiting the people of Westray has become one of my favorite adventures.  Yesterday’s visit was full of signs to help us find our way.  In the UK, is it common for properties to have their own names like Skaiil and HaGock Field.  It is quite a nice tradition, speaks to the uniqueness of the property,Continue reading “Signs In Our Times”

What Separates Us?

This question brings us to words like age, gender, and ethnicity. Maybe you would agree with me that those answers are as wrong as snow in the Summer months. What separates us in actuality are barriers placed in our own minds and in our hearts. Matthew 15:21-28 introduces us to a woman who is notContinue reading “What Separates Us?”

Who, What, When, Where & Why

In 2012, I stood right on this cliff in Westray, Scotland and prayed with three wonderful friends.  Isn’t it a blessing to know that Jesus shows up when we gather together as faithful hearts?  No fuss, no requirements, He is there.  He doesn’t focus on who we are.  Our economic or social status is notContinue reading “Who, What, When, Where & Why”

Shortest Flight In The World

Yes, that’s me getting ready to hop on the “Shortest Flight In The World”. Authenticated by Guinness World Records. The popular trip from Westray to Papa Westray, Scotland is a 2 minute flight. Hard to believe until I stepped onto the plane, took off and then landed on the next island.  There’s even an officialContinue reading “Shortest Flight In The World”

What’s Your Pleasure?

Eve was front and center in our women’s study today.  Living in perfection, she denied she lived in a place where the waters were beautiful and calm. From her surroundings to being hand crafted by God, she enjoyed the perfect life.  It is hard to imagine living in her perfect environment and enjoying that perfectContinue reading “What’s Your Pleasure?”

Twirling for Christ

Meet part of my new church family.  As you would expect, these little ones are full of energy and smiles. What a blessing to work with them over the next few weeks.  It reminds of how much I love seeing my church family on Sunday mornings. The opportunity to worship God together blesses me eachContinue reading “Twirling for Christ”

You’ve Heard The Saying

“It takes a village to raise a child.”  Let me modify this slightly.  It takes a village to mission in a distant place.   There are so many loving folks who have made this journey to Scotland possible.  You know who you are.  Thank you!  I am excited to serve in ministry here.  The signs, theContinue reading “You’ve Heard The Saying”

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